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Why are some Americans obsessed with brilliant white teeth?

Never one to stereotype, but can anyone tell me why this obsession with straight bright white teeth in the USA?

Now, I know there is the other extreme, but for most of us the way your teeth have their quirks, little gaps maybe or a little overlap, is all part of a person's character.

Explain if you can, coz I dont get it.


Why are some Americans obsessed with brilliant white teeth?
There are several reasons ...

The underlying reason is social status. Having good teeth, shows that you either have fantastic natural genes (unlikely) or have the finances to fix whatever problems you have. Once everyone starts getting their teeth done, the bar raises to bigger, whiter brighter etc. So, expect more customisation and treatments that differentiate people. Grills(?) are an example of this - bright white teeth are not enough. You need to use grills to demonstrate your affluence by essentially buying a completely useless piece of jewelry.

Allied to this is the increasing availability of treatments that are affordable to working class people (in the US). As soon people start having teeth that are noticably the result of treatment (as opposed to work to make them natural as has been the case in the UK), it means that there is an increasing gap with those who don't have them done, meaning that there is more pressure to conform to the social norm of bright white teeth .

In the UK, with the exception of parts of London, the societal norm is to want to attain natural looking teeth, not bright white fake pearlies. This will almost certainly change though as cheaper US treatments become more available in the UK and people elect for whiter teeth as a way of demonstrating affluence.

Did I mention, that on the whole, UK teeth really need to improve ... so it isn't a bad thing to improve UK dental standards.

The final point is that that UK dental system for the majority of people (the NHS) will only treat basic work and will not perform cosmetic work (unless you want to pay huge fees). In the US people expect to pay significantly for dental work, so there is pressure on dentists to visibly demonstrate these results with bright white teeth.

Reply:because they look good.
Reply:americans are continuously in compotition
Reply:I have noticed that lately.They also think that all the Brits have gum disease , bad breath and rotten teath,a very strange steriotyping.
Reply:maybe coz unlike us the british, they care bout their teeth
Reply:Its mainly a question of vanity. And straight white teeth do look better than crooked yellow or green ones.
Reply:Yes I have also wondered this very strange cultural fascination with yellow-brown skin and fluorescent teeth. I have no answer but I will wait.

Perhaps it is an indication of social status that they have enough disposable wealth to visit dental technician often
Reply:Some people are very vain. They want to inquire the "good" qualities of certain groups of people - while still being ignorant.
Reply:People seem to missing the point a bit. Of course, straight white teeth look better than green ones but some film stars (Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt) would glow in the dark!!

I think that's the salient point here. It's trickling down from celebrity into the mainstream. America (like with most things ) started the trend and it's now increasing in popularity in UK as well. I'll keep my normal-coloured, clean, well looked after teeth though, thanks.
Reply:America is a clean place with clean people ...................ummmm i think?
Reply:Honestly I think it is quiet simple... its really the same reason you wouldn't wear a dirty white T-shirt. Your teeth were meant to be white. I think Veneers are going to the extreme but bleaching your teeth is the same thing as bleaching a shirt.
Reply:so you're saying to find crooked yellow teeth attractive ?
Reply:Because in America, what you look like is everything - they care more about how you look than who you are.
Reply:All the Hollywood stars seem to have them but haven't you noticed that the other 99% of them are grotesquely obese and although friendly most of them are pig ignorant and morons

They still seem to think that they have the best country in the world but it is a false vision, they are murdering,invading dumb asses.

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How can i get my teeth white?

Well i want to try crest whitening strips but i hear lots of people say its not good, is that true? if i wet my toothbrush and pour baking soda on it will it help also. How can i get white teeth. Please help.

How can i get my teeth white?
first- whitening toothpaste or baking soda does not work to change the 'shade' of your tooth color. it is just more abraisive and might remove some surface stains. at best, it coats your teeth and keeps new surface stains (from coffee,soda,cigs,etc) from being able to adhear to your teeth (kinda like waxing your car)

next- any at home or over the counter bleaching system is safe if used following the directions on the package.(crest white strips, rembrant, etc.) some patients have sensitivity and others don't. if your teeth become sensitive from cold or hot things, use the bleach at half the reccommended rate (if it says to whiten 2 times a day for 30 days, whiten 1 time daily for 60 days... or if the box says 1 time everyday, do it every other day.. and so on) also, you can start using a tooth pase with potassium nitrate in it 2 weeks before you start bleaching and while you are using the bleach.. this will help greatly with the sensitivity. check 'crest for sensitivity' toothpaste and sensodyne for potassium nitrate.

remember if you have been whitening for a while and you are staying the same shade of white for over 2 weeks.. you probably reached you 'max' white potential. your teeth should be close to the shade of white your eyes are, so depending on your ethnicity/race this color may vary.

I know crest white strips work and so does the rembrant system. Good Luck!

hope all this helps!
Reply:try rembrant whitining or i have the pulse tooth brush and it works really well to clean everything.
Reply:Crest Whitestrips worked great for me!

They hurt a little bit if you have receding gums though
Reply:Rembrant Two hour white. They are treys. you were them for twenty minutes the ten minutes off, then twenty then ten till you are out of stuff. And it work so so good I have the whitest teeth ever and my dentist talks about how perfect they are so i am guessing that it is not bad for them unless you do it all the time.. I hope that helps!
Reply:the creast ultra more expensive woks great baking soda wears down enamel...zoom 700.00 in dentist office kara
Reply:You must try Rembrandt 2 Hour White. Many customers resulted in a whiter brighter smile. read the reviews so you know what your expecting.
Reply:carbamide peroxide is the main ingredient and it is different that plain peroxide. the strength varies among different whiteners.

Before whitening your teeth, you should find out if your teeth have thin enamel. This can cause your teeth to have a yellowish or brownish apperance. Whitening will not help in this situation and can make appearance worse and cause sensitivity.

A product called NatureWhite contains carbamide peroxide is supposed to whiten your teeth dramatically with just one 45 Minute application. It is said to be the same thing that dentists use and that dentists use a 12% solution while NatureWhite uses a 22% solution. Crest white strips, by comparison, have a 3% solution.

Chewing on crunchy foods like carrots, apples and celery, is said to cause friction which helps get debris off your teeth that can stain them. There are many old natural remedies and some new natural and/or herbal products, as well as, some chemical products, all claiming to whiten teeth.

The color of teeth comes from genetics originally, and it varies person to person. Teeth will natually discolor over time due to age. The best way to keep teeth as white and you were designed to have, is to avoid foods, liquids, drugs, and products that stain teeth.

Avoid things known to stain teeth, like coffee, tea, red wine, berries, tobacco products, food colorings, etc.... Avoid direct exposure to a lot of raw lemons or citrus products like tomatos, limes, oranges, as the citric acid wears the enamel off the teeth, and when dentin is exposed (like with cavities), it can cause discoloration. If you do eat them, rinse your teeth right away. Avoid carbonated drinks that contain phosphoric acid, like coca cola for the same reason. Sports drinks often contain citric acid, phosphoric acid and organic acid (coffee contains organic acids, also). The latter two are known to break down calcium, along with breaking down enamel. Also, If you eat raw papaya or raw pineapple, rinse your mouth after eating them, as they have enzymes that can cause sores in your mouth and gums, because they break down proteins.

The antibiotic tetracycline is known to cause teeth to stain and so is fluoride and caffeine. Mercury fillings cause teeth to stain where the tooth comes in contact with the filling; This is because of galvanization. So, one should get all amalgams replaced. Gold seems to be ok as long as it is a good quality gold such as high noble, and white composites or porcelain fillings can be used.

Hydrogen peroxide can whiten teeth, but it can penetrate teeth, which are porous, and cause sensitivity. It is used in dental bleaching. It is a special 35% solution, so buying the 2% bottle of it over the counter in hopes to make your teeth white, will not work and could eventually cause sensitivity, irritation, or inflamation of the gums. Myself, I do not recommend teeth whiteners of any kind, for the same reason. If you do decide to use a teeth whitener, either over the counter or from the dentist, if you are not avoiding foods that cause staining, your teeth will stain again, and you will have wasted your money. To whiten your teeth often, will most likely cause sensitivity, enamel breakdown, and can lead to cavities. The long term effects of teeth bleaching on nerves and blood vessels inside the teeth are unknown. Laser bleaching seems to cause more problems with sensitivity than non-laser bleaching. Bleaching does not work on false teeth, crowns, veneers or fillings (even white ones). You may opt to replace those with lighter shades if you don't like the color. Bleaching is not recommended for children whose teeth are still developing or for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

It is important to brush after meals to avoid plaque and tartar build up, which can also cause discoloration. Avoid toothpastes that contain abrasives to fight plaque and tarter, as they can wear away enamel and make the dentin show through (which has a yellowish or brownish tint), which can cause staining, or cavities or cause your teeth to appear brown or yellow. Also, avoid brushing too hard for the same reason. If you do consume products that cause staining, use water to rinse your mouth directly afterward.

There is a technique called internal bleaching. The only way it can be done is to have a root canal, and root canals cause devastating health effects and should be avoided altogether.

The British Dental Association has expressed concern that the smokers' whitening toothpastes Clinomyn and Pearl Drops are too abrasive. Many whitening toothpastes contain titanium dioxide, a suspected carcinogen and can be absorbed by the skin, and, when the effluent containing it is discharged from manufacturers, it acidifies rivers and seas.

Smokers toothpaste, Topol, containing an abrasive form of silica to remove heavy stains from tar and resin deposits can cause damage to cementum and dentin in people with gingival recession, resulting root exposure.

Tooth whitening actually requires modifying the intrinsic tooth color, chemically alterating the chromophores within the tooth. Whitening toothpastes using bicarbonate, alumina and polyphosphates cannot whiten teeth; All they can do is contribute to stain removal. Whitening requires bleaching or enzymatic disruption.

Acid penetration and dissolution has not been an acceptable method of whitening for nearly a century.

Many products claim whitening ability with various peroxides -- hydrogen, calcium or carbamide. For over-the-counter peroxide content is kept low. It has effervescence and maybe some short-lived bleaching because peroxide is rapidly broken down by oral enzymes from bacteria and saliva. Gels stay on longer, but must be used with a tray to work. Only whitening products used by dentists have ADA acceptance. Over-the-counter product manufacturers have never attempted such claims.

A product called NatureWhite contains carbamide peroxide is supposed to whiten your teeth dramatically with just one 45 Minute application. It is said to be the same thing that dentists use and that dentists use a 12% solution while NatureWhite uses a 22% solution. Crest white strips, by comparison, have a 3% solution.

Before whitening your teeth, you should find out if your teeth have thin enamel. This can cause your teeth to have a yellowish or brownish apperance. Whitening will not help in this situation and can make appearance worse and cause sensitivity.

There are herbs that have been used throughout history to whiten teeth. Sage boiled in water to make tea was said to strengthen gums and whiten teeth. During the middle ages, powdered mint leaves were used to whiten teeth. Charcoal was touted as the best powder to use for whitening teeth, removing tartar and preventing decay. Other common ingredients in tooth powders included: cream of tartar, camphor, white castile soap powder, cuttle fish bone, precipitated chalk, powdered borax, powdered gum myrrh, powdered orris root, and talc. The majority of these ingredients cleaned and whitened teeth.

Here are some other natural remedies :

Take a teaspoon of lemon juice and a tsp of salt. Make a paste. Apply this on the yellowish tint.

Use the inner white part of an orange peel to rub teeth for a lovely white shine.

Take half teaspoon of bi-carbonate of soda mixed with a little water to form a paste. Rub this on your teeth.

Dried %26amp; powdered Bay leaves combined with dried orange peel is an excellent whitener.

Strawberries, oddly enough are said to have cleansing and bleaching properties that can help remove of tea and coffee stains, especially from dentures. Crush the strawberries gently and rub the pulp onto your teeth. Rinse with water.

There are some new tooth pastes and products with Bromaine Complex, a combination of the natural enzymes, Bromelaine from pineapple, and Papain from papaya, said to be clinically proven to whiten teeth.

Dentizyme is an herbal remedy; it consists of a unique blend of bio-active plant enzymes, organic botanicals, rainforest botanicals, and essential oils. Dentizyme users report fewer or no gum disease symptoms, they also report that their gums look pinker and healthier along with excellent teeth whitening results and teeth stains are said to disappear entirely with continued use of this herbal extract.


here is some info on zoom:

Price is $500 to $675

How does Zoom teeth whitening work?

This method consists of a mixture of gel and special light wave treatments. The patient is seated and the dentist uses a retractor to separate the lips from the teeth so that the gel can be applied. A special gel is then applied on all the exterior faces of the teeth. The dentist is careful, at this point, not to let the gel touch the patient’s gums too much, as it may cause irritation or lesions.

How long does it last and what effects can I expect?

The answers to the questions are different from one person to another. In most cases, a Zoom teeth whitening procedure is done twice a year. An average person who drinks coffee frequently and smokes daily will have improved tooth brightness - around 10 shades brighter. After the procedure is completed, the teeth will gradually start to regain their yellowish color over time, depending on how well you take care of them. On average, people who went through in office tooth whitening procedures noticed that their teeth stay white for months, although the initial brightness does not last more than a few weeks.


for toothpaste, i recommend neydent or apagard and for a toothbrush, i recommend an ionic (not sonic) brush.


NeyDent ® prevents caries and pain when the teeth are extremely sensitive. NeyDent ® also improves the blood flow, which strengthens the gums and builds up resistance against colds and infections.


APAGARD remineralizing toothpaste

• According to the Japan Corporate News Network, Japanese toothpaste manufacturer Sangi has developed a technology to control ultrafine particles. The company will start to distribute New-Apagard, a toothpaste based on the technology, in April 2004. Sangi claims the paste is highly effective in re-calcifying and whitening teeth.

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How do you get really white teeth?

How do you get white teeth if yours are yellowish?

How do you get really white teeth?
Use Crest Whitestrips!!! I have been using them yearly since they came out a few years ago... They have turned my teeth from almost the worst color yellow they can get (due to very bad dental hygene when I was younger) to the bright white like most models on the commercials...and they are only $20...that is sooo cheap for waht they can do for someones confidence!!! I have been getting compliments ever since I had gone through just half of a box!!!.......oh and if u do buy them make sure you buy the original ones in the cheap box...all of the other kinds Crest has out do the exact same thing (not one is better than the other!) the reason I say to buy the original ones is because they are the cheapest!!!
Reply:Bleach it and rinse thoroughly.
Reply:rembrant whitening strips

i use perfectly
Reply:Brush your teeth.

use mouthwash.

Go to the dentist.
Reply:dip toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide then baking soda

brush with that
Reply:♥ creast white stripts ♥
Reply:Eat raw eggs every night before bed.
Reply:`Brush your teeth often

`Brush your teeth after having anything that stains your teeth (coffee or if you smoke)

`Drink milk

`Go to the dentist twice a year for cleaning and check up

`Use crest white srips

oh yeah and when you get your white teeth, don't forget to smile 24/7 :D

good luck.
Reply:the only way you can keep your teeth clean is if you brush them every night and dont eat a lot of sweets and always floss after you brush them.

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Why do people think crazy white teeth look nice?

Am I the only one who thinks people with ridiculously white teeth and too many veneers look frightening? It's not like it looks real.

Why do people think crazy white teeth look nice?
Yeah, when people go too white, it's ridiculous!

Sometimes I really notice it on the news when the anchors have overly white teeth. I would be embarassed if I were them. I wonder if they know it looks like their teeth are glowing.

It reminds me of that Friends episode when Ross had glowing teeth! How embarassing.
Reply:It's better than a mouthful of yellow, stained teeth,.
Reply:NO! they do NOT look nice! they look unatural and ridiculous!!!
Reply:if your teeth are ridiculously white then yes, it does tend to look scary. but theres nothing wrong with having white teeth that look natural.
Reply:totally agree I prefer a true smile than a man made one
Reply:Because people in this world are obsessed with perfection, no matter how bad it may look. I don't see why people think orange, fake tanned skin looks good, but that seems to be what "beauty" has become today.
Reply:well i have white teeth.

but not STRAIGHT TO THE MAX white teeth.

my friends are pretty much amazed that i have white teeth. lol.

but i gotta agree with you.

people with veneers creep me out.
Reply:i'm from the uk - we all smoke pipes and have wooden teeth right? i remember asking a US coach(rowing) if his teeth were real cos they were kinda phospherescing(!) and he got a little uptight about it... hey, do what you like but THINK about it huh? it is real cuz they really take good care of there teeth.......use Listerine whitening people it worked for me!!!!!!i have nice clean teeth because i used it! and just like LESLEY S says it is so so so much better than a mouth full of yellow!!
Reply:I agree that some look ridiculous, like the episode of Friends where Ross had his teeth whitened. Ya gotta love the way they glowed in the black light. Priceless!

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How do i get really white teeth?

What are some tips to getting really white teeth without spending all my money :P

How do i get really white teeth?
Use an over the counter whitening product.
Reply:brush them. Really white teeth are un natural and un healthy anyway.
Reply:Use the most affordable but very effective teeth whitening from It really works well and safe for your dental health.
Reply:What I've used to whiten my teeth is Therabrite, a complete whitening system you can do at home. For effective bad breath cure, and whitening, this is the best, most complete kit, that enables you to whiten your teeth without going to the dentist.

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How do you get really white teeth without using the dentist or whitening strips?

I want really white teeth and i have braces so I can't use whitening strips or stuff like that and the docter is just to expensive.

How do you get really white teeth without using the dentist or whitening strips?
Brush with baking soda and rinse with hydrogen peroxide.

Tastes like crap but it should remove stains and yellowness better than toothpastes.
Reply:Avoid as much as you can dark drinks like coffee, tea, coke, grape juice, also cherries can stain them but in the other hand strawberries will make them whiter if you rub them on your teeth.
Reply:Hope this link helps you with all information regarding your teeth.Try out for more details.

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Hiya! has anyone used a teeth whitener called crest white strips ?

here's a link

I'd like to know if they really work? or what is best to get them really white, has any one used these strips or the home bleaching kits you can get?? Thanks for your time! : )

Hiya! has anyone used a teeth whitener called crest white strips ?
The white strips do work, but do not last as long as the professional bleaching solutions that your dentist can offer either by using the tray method or the one hour bleaching process. Most patients prefer the custom made bleaching trays and professional strength solution. This method not only gives you the whitest, brightest teeth, but also allows you the option to touch up your bleaching process months later or whenever you feel your teeth are getting darker without any additional cost other than solution. Hope I've been of some help and good luck, you'll love your new smile!
Reply:yes and yes
Reply:I use them frequently and they work well. My only problem is that they cause gum sensitivity. All whitening products cause that, though, so might as well use the strips.
Reply:I've used them, they REALLY DO help. I found that they made my teeth sensitive to cold things for about a day after I had used them. Other than that they reallly helped make my teeth whiter.
Reply:yes i have used them and they do really work. I used them 4 years ago and my teeth and that is also because I have been using the right Toothpaste too. Like Toothpaste that has Peroxide in it cause that helps to whiten your teeth too.
Reply:I wasn't impressed wih the Crest White Strips. I am using the Aquafresh Whitening Trays now and they are fabulous. You can get them at Wal-Mart.
Reply:yes they work. Use the crest white strips advanced they show results in about 3 days.They will also work very well if you use a whitening toothpaste like rembrant along with it.
Reply:Yes, I've used them and was quite pleased with the results. I have a permanent bridge and the whitening doesn't really work well on dental work such as that, but the instructions plainly tell you that it won't. I would still recommend them though.
Reply:I have just started using the crest whitestirps 6 days ago and love them. I could tell after the 1st time using it. Works great you should really try it!!
Reply:I have used both types and I definately prefer the whitestrips. The other bleaching kit I used was like when you get a floride treatment at the dentist, trays of goop in your mouth. Ick.

With the whitestrips you can still have a conversation, and you don't feel so silly.
Reply:I hear that teeth whitening products wear away the enamel on your teeth making them more sensitive over time. With weaker enamel your teeth are more likely to get damaged/stained.

I suggest using regular cleaning products or even Smokers toothpaste, although i don't smoke i find its amazing stuff! Just between us, I wouldn't buy any food/oral items off ebay, you never know whats happened to them.
Reply:not exactly it will not work you see
Reply:i've heard it does OK
Reply:No i havent, but thanks for asking this question because now i can use your answers. Thanks again
Reply:I've used Crest White Strips and I loved them. Your gums do become a little sensitive but that is common and it goes away after your done using them. They really work though and they are so so easy! Good Luck
Reply:yes the crest strips will notice in a week or longer depending on your teeth...

use them daily for a few nights and as you see it looks good you can stop and start using them again as needed...
Reply:yes they work quite well

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